Ken Kuhl: talking for you

My studio equipment

I've acquired top quality equipment for use in my studio because it makes it possible for me to deliver a quality product to you. There was a time not too long ago when being a voice actor required a great deal of bulky and expensive equipment. With the advent of digital recording and editing on computers, the need for much of this equipment vanished and anyone with a microphone and a computer could, theoretically, become a voice actor over night. But that really isn't enough for a quality final product. To produce a quality product, there is still a need for some quality equipment. Primarily microphones, microphone pre-amplifiers and A/D (analog to digital) converters, as well as sophisticated software to subtley (or not so subtley) manipulate the audio.

My studio equipment needn't matter to my clients, but I like to share some of it here anyway for others starting out in the business and setting up their own studio and in appreciation of the manufacturers that have created these fine products:

My primary microphone was the classic ElectroVoice RE-20:

But I'm now spending more time talking into the Sennheiser MKH 418 S P48:

The ever imporant audio chain from my mic to my computer goes through these 2 pieces of equipment for a strong, clean sound: first, the Universal Audio 710 Twin Finity Mic Preamp, and second, the Lavry AD11 AD Converter.

I listen to myself in a pair of AKG K240 headphones:

and some speakers from Harman-Kardon:

I edit and master my projects in Steinberg's Wavelab:

to which I've added some fine processing plugins from Izotope and Waves:


I use Contour Design's SuttleExpress for editing. This is a great tool that allows me to edit audio in Wavelab with just one hand... either one!

My studio sound is improved with acoustic foam from Auralex:

And for my site, this site, I used the Initializr template by Jonathan Verrecchia, which allows it to automatically optimize for any screen size or device: