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The screensavers on this page are made up of pictures from the International Exotic Feline Sanctuary web site, Please visit their site, visit the sanctuary and help them out any way you can!
(see screensaver instructions below)

The Tigers of IEFS
26 photos of 21 cats, size: 1.39 MB

The Lions of IEFS
20 photos of 14 Lions, size: 1.15 MB

The Bobcats of IEFS
18 photos of 11 Bobcats, size: 827 KB

The Cougars of IEFS
21 photos of 9 Cougars, size: 1 MB

The Leopards of IEFS
19 photos of 7 Leopards, size: 787 KB


To download the screensavers, right-click on the link, and select "Save Link as..." (in Netscape) or "Save Target as..." in Explorer.

Save the file in your System folder. The System folder is on your hard disk, in the folder called Windows. (that is, C:\Windows\System)

To activate the screensaver, go to your Control Panel and double click on Display. (To get to the Control Panel, click on Start and go to Settings. A shortcut to Display is to right-click on the your computer's desktop and select Properties.)

In the Display Properties window, click on the Screensaver tab at the top. Use the pull-down menu to select the screensaver you just downloaded to the System folder.

You can change how the screensaver functions by clicking on Settings. You can choose whether or not to view the captions with the pictures and you can enter the number of seconds you want each picture to stay on the screen before going on to the next one.

You can preview the screensaver by clicking on Preview. The preview will stop when you move the mouse or press a key on the keyboard.

You can view the screensaver as a slide show by double clicking on the screensaver file. By right-clicking on the file and selecting Configure, you can change the settings of the slide show.

Good Luck and Enjoy!